Support maui and Win: Bookish Maui Wildfire Relief Auction

One of the things I love about the writing community is how they pitch in when help is needed. Maui has been devastated by wildfires, so a group of authors put together the Books For Maui, a bookish wildfire relief auction to support the community groups working on the ground to provide relief. I donated a website audit or brand consultation, but there are many more items available!

Read on to find out more about the auction and my specific donation.

The Books for Maui Auction

Books for Maui benefit auction timeline: August 21-25: Live auction August 26-28: Winner makes donation August 26-31: Winner and Donor are connected Ongoing: Please keep listening to Kanaka Maoli for ways to continue supporting the community

Books for Maui is being managed by a group of authors and features auction items donated by authors, agents, editors, and related professionals like myself.

There are almost 1000 items up for auction! Including lots of bookish goodies like:

  • Signed books
  • Critiques
  • Editing
  • Ask Me Anythings
  • School visits
  • And more!

It’s an online auction, so the highest bidder gets the prize.

A lot of the auction items are geared towards writers, readers, and teachers – especially in the children’s book sphere. I’ve participated before as a bidder and had a fantastic experience with the critiques I won! (Kidlit authors really are the best.)

My Donation: website audit/brand consultation

My donation for the Maui Wildfire relief auction: website audit/brand consultation ($150 value)

I’m excited to offer something unique! I’m a web designer/branding strategist who is also a children’s book author, so I’m offering up that expertise to one winner.

This will be tailored to the winner’s goals but could include:

  • Audit your website, branding, or digital marketing
  • Suggested improvements with resources to get your started
  • Problem solving/debugging your website
  • Advice for starting a new site/branding
  • AMA on websites, branding, and digital marketing!
  • Suggest something else!

You can check out my portfolio and services for an idea of the possibilities!

If you have questions, drop them in the comments! Or you can send me a message.

Other ways to help

Spread the word!  Share the auction announcement with your social media followers, mailing list, etc. You can also share my donation.

Follow Books for Maui on Instagram for updates.

Donate directly to charities. Books for Maui is headed by people from Hawai’i and they have a great list of community charities they’re supporting. 

???? Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong: @HawaiiCommunityFoundation

???? Kamehameha – Ho’ōla Maui: @kamehamehamaui

???? Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement – Kāko’o Maui: @HawaiianCouncil

???? Maui Food Bank: @mauifoodbank

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