About Bookend Creative Studio

Bookend Creative Studio is a web design and branding company that helps authors, creative entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

We strive to support all the needs of our clients with a range of services, including web design, branding, SEO, newsletter marketing, copywriting, and graphic design.

Bookend Creative Studio by a children’s book author and small business owner. That gives us unique passion and insight to support our clients. 

Whether it’s building a site with all the features they need or offering advice from an author and entrepreneur who has been there, we support our clients so they can reach their dreams.

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Our Team

Photo of the owner and web designer, Angie Isaacs

Angie Isaacs


Owner, Web Designer, and Branding Strategist
Angie made her first website at age 15 to share her writing. A couple of decades later, she’s a published author and still building websites.
Mea Isaacs Headshot

Mea Isaacs (She/Her)

Advanced Database and Technical Support
Mea is a senior software engineer who has held critical roles in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Karla Solis


Virtual Assistant / Webmaster
Karla Solis is an avid traveler exploring Asia's wonders. I've turned my passion for balancing work and creativity into a career, where I do both graphic design and technical work to create and manage awesome artworks and websites.



Feline Support
Bitty has never developed a website, but he joins meetings anyway.
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