Angela Dalton, Author

Angela reached out after seeing our work shared on Instagram. She was ready to update her website design, incorporate a newsletter, and increase the features on her site.

Branding and Custom Graphic Design

Angela Dalton mood board design

Angela wanted a brand design that:

  • Felt “warmer, dreamy, and lush”​​
  • Incorporated dandelions and other wildflowers
  • Included purple (her favorite color!)

To give the website that dreamy feeling we mixed custom graphic illustrations of dandelions and wildflowers with parallax movement and color gradients. 

For a color palette, we choose a base of warm purple tones, with lush, jewel tones, to create a warm, lush, purple-y color scheme she loved.

Website redesign

Angela Dalton before and after website design

While a major goal of the author website redesigned was to update the look and feel of the site, there were also some additional goals:

  • Move back to WordPress – a platform she found easier to use and that gives her more design and function options.
  • Update the website content to reflect her new books and new focus.

The result was a website that will serve her now and into the future.

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