social Media Management Supported Platforms

We try to offer clients as many options as we can, but each social media platform has limitations on what they allow.  The chart below shows each platform and what we can do on that platform.

Social Media Platforms We Support

*We do not currently record original video for clients, however, we can create short form videos with stock videography and edit the long-form videos you record.

Platform Create Content* Schedule Posts Monthly Metrics Report
Facebook Profile X
Facebook Page X X X
Instagram Creator or Business Account X X X
YouTube Channel X X X
Tiktok Account X X X
Twitter/X Account X X X
LinkedIn Profile X X
Linkedin Page X X X
Pinterest Business Account X X X


Facebook and LinkedIn differentiate between profiles and pages. A profile is a personal account connected with you, while a page is a public-facing page you maintain for a brand or entity. (Ex: my FB profile vs. my FB business page. Also, my LinkedIn profile vs. my LinkedIn Business page.)

Pages must be linked to a personal account.


UPDATED: 02/12/2024

On January 23, 2024 Facebook's parent company announced that it will no longer be making it possible for third party platforms to post in Google Groups.


As of this writing, you can still schedule group posts from within Facebook while logged into an administrator's profile.(See the FAQ: Profiles vs. Pages.) However, no third party applications can be used which includes the ones we use to manage our clients accounts (and ours.) This is a blow to a lot of businesses and brands and we're crossing several fingers that Meta will reconsider.


UPDATED: 02/12/2024