Our Referral Program

Refer a Friend and You’ll Both Benefit

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How it Works

1. Refer a friend

Know someone we can help? Send them our way and if they sign up…

2. We share the Love with them

They get: 5% off of their project!

3. And With You, too!

You get 5% of their project total off your next project or an hour of our time for free! Your choice!

Let’s do it!

You can send them to our contact form or fill out the form below.

The Fine* Print

  • All our services are eligible.
  • You get 5% of their project total taken off your next project. (So the bigger the project they book, the more you save!)
  • You can stack the discounts you get from referrals – so if two friends sign on before your next project, you get both taken off! 
  • Alternately, you can choose one free hour of our time for every referral. This is great for training and small website changes.
  • We will automatically apply the discount to your next invoice if you choose the 5% discount.
  • After your friend pays their first invoice, we’ll let you know how much you’re eligible for
  • You can only get one referral credit per person you refer (even if they sign up for multiple projects)
  • After you refer someone, we will reach out to them
  • We may remove clients from the referral program if they refer people without permission. (Please don’t do that.)

* We think it’s a very fine deal – we hope you agree!