Flexible Counseling Solutions

Bridgette at Flexible Counseling Solutions reached out to us when she was preparing to launch her private practice. She wanted to increase her income without charging clients more by moving off of costly third-party platforms. To make that happen, she needed a website.

Copywriting and Marketing Materials

We helped Bridgette to develop the copywriting and marketing materials for her business, including guiding her in discovering the main features and benefits of her services for clients.

Services Section Of Main Page

Logo and Branding

Bridgette needed a logo and brand style that would convey the benefits her clients receive from her counseling services: peace and relief. We chose cool purple colors that convey a sense of tranquility.

For imagery, we chose images that showed the benefits of her services: peace, relief, and flexibility with telehealth services.

2023 Tune Up

In 2023, Flexible Counseling Solutions made a few major shifts – they moved from Florida to Alaska and began offering in-person as well as virtual services to better serve their new client base.

We helped them tune up their site to better reflect their current services and clientele.

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