3 Book Marketing Misconceptions and What to Do instead

3 Book Marketing Misconceptions and What to Do instead

Today I’m sharing a post I wrote for Jane Friedman’s blog.

Show of hands, writers, how many of you love book marketing? I can’t see through your screen, but I know very few of you have your hands up.

Authors hate what they think marketing is. Like most writers, I was not initially thrilled with marketing. But the more I learned, the more my feelings about marketing shifted. Not only is my marketing more successful now, I also enjoy it! (Yes, really!)

I’ve seen the same thing with other writers—their feelings about marketing shift. Not everyone comes to love it, but they can approach it with less dread and more success.

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Angie Isaacs is the owner of Bookend Creative Studio and a published children’s book author. On the blog, she writes about web design, branding, marketing, goal-setting, and writing.

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